Bringing healthy competition to a whole new level.

Walking. Running. Cycling.

The Run & Rule app can be used by anyone at any fitness level. All you need is a little competitive streak.

How to play

Start the app when you start your exercise. Walk, run or cycle >50m. And bam, you Rule! This is your virual territory. Now you can plan your next Rule, check on your enemies and defend your land from attack.

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Run & Rule goes virtual!

We've listened to your feedback and have built a virtual function into the app. Now you can use Run & Rule when you're on the treadmill and apply the steps you take, to claim virtual territory. Think of the land you could Rule from your gym!

How do you log a virtual Rule?

Easy! Select the virtual Rule option (the purple one) BEFORE you begin your exercise.

Do your Rule as usual, either outside or on a treadmill. (It's your steps that count the most for this activity.) Then once you've finished, you'll be taken to a map page. This is the fun part!

Zoom out, move around and plot where you want to assign the steps you've just taken, by searching for Rules in the map area.

Once you've decided where to Rule, hit 'Assign' and watch as you take a chunk out of an enemy, or better yet, a frenemy's Rule.

So what is a Rule exactly?

A Rule is all the virtual land that you've captured. It's shown in green in 'Your Rule'. Red territory is enemy, orange is a frenemy and blue is a group that you belong to.

How do you Rule?

Easy! Step outside, open Run & Rule, hit "Go Ruling!", walk, run or cycle for more than 50 metres, and bam! You Rule!

You can also Rule with friends (frenemies) by setting up a group. This will keep your Rule stronger for longer.

You can keep track of your Rule, and your enemies, by searching for Rules in your current location. We're making it easy for you to strategise your attack and Rule!

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Why we're different

We're gamified

Because we've turned exercise into a game, you'll not only have fun while you workout, but you’ll stay motivated for longer. Knowing someone could take over your Rule is great motivation to exercise regularly. Leaderboards, levels and Ruling as a group helps too!

It's not about speed

One of the best things about Run & Rule is you don’t have to be an elite athlete to use it. We’re not concerned about how fast you run, or how many k’s you rack up – we just want you moving regularly. Even just walking around your block once a day will make you a Ruler!

It's soooooo easy

You don't have to be Einstein to play. Just hit 'Go Ruling' when you begin your exercise, do a loop, then press ‘Stop’ when you’ve finished. And bam! You Rule. Do this every day and you’ll have a kingdom in no time. Plus, you’ll notice a difference to your fitness level too.

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Graham Sanders Run & Rule Early Adopter

Graham Sanders

Run & Rule Early Adopter

This app is fantastic! It's created huge rivalry between me and my mates. No one wants to lose part of their Rule!

Maree Sanders Run & Rule Early Adopter

Maree Sanders

Run & Rule Early Adopter

Run & Rule has given my husband and I the motivation we needed - we now walk five days instead of three, and we've noticed a big difference in our fitness levels.

Sharon Wangman Run & Rule Vinnies Victoria Trial Participant

Sharon Wangman

Vinnies Victoria Trial Participant

I didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I did!

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Want to Rule your boss?

Find out how you can get Run & Rule into your workplace. Challenge your colleagues with walking meetings and beat your boss with a simple lunch time stroll.

How does it work?

Run & Rule {your company} is an extension of the app, designed for workplaces. It’s all about getting you and your team to do regular exercise. It sounds like an ominous task, but trust us, after one month on the program, you'll actually WANT to do that walking meeting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read through them carefully, as your question could have already been answered.

If you’re starting out, don’t worry, you won’t lose any strength before 10 days of inactivity. But just like most games, the higher your strength gets, the more difficult it is to maintain and the quicker you will risk losing your Rule. Best way to avoid losing? Get out and do regular Ruling!

Privacy is a big deal at Run & Rule. We don’t want users’ information going viral, so we’ve decided not to show it in the basic version. However, Premium users can see other profiles, provided that user has consented to their information being made publicly available.

Check out our Privacy Policy if you want to know more.

We are developing the Android version of Run & Rule as you read this! Sign up to receive all the latest info on when this will be ready in Google Play.

For now, no. But we’re looking into integrating other exercises which also require a loop to be completed.

Got a suggestion? Drop us a line and let us know!

Run & Rule is the only fitness tracking app that actually allows you to own virtual territory, in addition to tracking your activity, time, distance, calories and the other usual details. Plus, we don’t care how fast or how long you go for – we just want you moving regularly. Which means granny can be just as fit a Ruler as her 21-year-old grandson.

Be proud to be part of the gamification revolution!

Never. We want you to feel safe when you’re out Ruling, so we have put measures in place to ensure no one can understand your exercise habits from the Run & Rule app. Only Premium users are able to see more detailed information on ‘Frenemy’ and ‘Enemy’ Rules, but the exact time a Frenemy/Enemy Rule is achieved is never visible to anyone. So if you exercise at the same time every day, no one will ever know!